At ISCU, our commitment lies in organising conferences that spread useful knowledge by bringing together a wide range of speakers. We actively seek out experts from different sectors to ensure a rich variety of insights in the field of dermatological ultrasound an the use of  high frequency and ultra-high frequency ultrasonography (HFUS and UHFUS) in dermatology.

HFUS is a diagnostic technique, which finds several applications in diverse clinical fields meaning there are plenty of topics to cover.


The sessions for 2024 – to be announced. 


ISCU strives to present conferences with a purposeful selection of speakers, drawing expertise from diverse fields. Our deliberate choice reflects a commitment to showcasing how ultrasound applications in dermatology transcend industries, enriching discussions and aligning with ISCU’s mission.

You will see additions as they are added.

Antonio Martorell

Member of ISCU organising committee, Dermatologist

Teresa Oranges

Member of ISCU organising committee. Specialist in dermatology and venereology

Valentina Dini

Member of ISCU organising committee. Dermatologist and Associate Professor at the University of Pisa

Ximena Wortsman

Member of ISCU organising committee. Radiologist Subspecialty: Dermatologic Ultrasound

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