1st ISCU Conference on Dermatologic Ultrasound

3-4 November, Pisa, Italy, 2023

The primary objective of ISCU is to cultivate a global, multidisciplinary network dedicated to disseminating knowledge on the ultrasonographic study of skin and subcutaneous tissue. By fostering collaboration among professionals from diverse fields, ISCU aims to enhance our understanding of the progression of skin diseases, spanning from their nascent stages to more advanced manifestations. The ultimate aim is to enable early diagnoses and precise ultrasound-guided treatments using ultrasound.

The Scientific sessions were: 

  • Essentials of Dermatological Ultrasound
  • Cutaneous Tumors
  • Inflammatory Cutaneous Conditions
  • Autoimmune Cutaneous Conditions
  • Ultrasound in Aesthetics
  • Ultrasound in Skin Surgery
  • Follicular and Nail Diseases

When: 03/11/2023


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